Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 14 (1,030+)
Status Alive/Commander of the Poni Shield/Baker/Queen Sally's royal advisor/Member of King Marshall's personal court/member of Fazbear Entertainment
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Marsha Christina Prower is the light mobius counterpart and future version of Marsha from Mobius Prime. A former member of the last generation of Freedom Fighters, Marsha has become a honored member of the Freedom Fighters, the symbol of Freedom. She cited infiltrating Dr. Eggman's base as a robian and reforming Grandmaster Lien-Da as her most famous acts while on duty.

Apperance Edit

Marsha is a tall and lanky teenager mobian vixen with black and light gray fur. Before Fazbear Entertainment, she constantly wore a pink t-shirt and a long black skirt. She kept her hair constantly tied in a ponytail with a pink hair tie. She has dark brown eyes. Once apart of Fazbear Entertainment, she wears a pink t-shirt that says 'Party!!!' and a black skirt. She wears her hair in pigtails and held together by pink bows. She carries a set of pink headphones and wears a pink bow tie, similar to Freddy and Bonnie. She also constantly wears pink and black sneakers. She appears to have darkness under her eyes, most likely from the lack of sleep she has.

As Rage Marsha, she becomes orange and her eyes become a reddish-orange. Her hair and tail begin and move around like fire. As Super Rage Marsha, Fire shimmers from her eyes in a Sombra-like manner, but her pupils aren't seen.

In her pony form, she is a light gray alicorn mare with a black Octavia-like mane. She has Twilight Sparkle -like eyes and body form. Her cutie mark is a light blue shiled with an acorn in the center.

Personality Edit

Like in the present time, Marsha is short-tempered, stubborn and has an ego to go with it. She has seemed to have calmed down a bit, but can still easily be sent to a state of rage at the mention of Dark Princess or Shadow and being called by her maiden name. While Marsha can be brutal and slightly sadistic, she often avoids harming innocent people. Even in her nasty state of mind, her youngest son, Shadic, can be brave enough to confront his mother.

She also acts kind and can be very generous. She is also very emotional, due to her depression and post traumatic disorder.

History Edit

In 3241, Marsha married her soul mate and boyfriend, Tails, in Freedom HQ by King Elias. She would then give birth to Tails Jr., Harold and Suzy within a year. She would also

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