Marsha Prower Animatronic
Vital statistics
Position Back-up singer of Sonic's Pizzeria Band
Age Unknown
Status Deactivated
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Marsha Prower is one of the antagonists that appears in 5 Nights Parts 1 and 2. She's an  animatronic replica of Marsha Prower who is the back-up singer of Sonic's Pizzeria Band.

Appearance Edit

Looking exactly like Marsha, she's a black mobian fox animatronic. She has brown eyes, and a light gray muzzle, inside the ears and at the tip or tail. She wears a pink sleeveless dress with a white bib that says "Let's eat!"

Trivia Edit

  • She takes Chica's place in the FNAS parody.

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