Marshalia Christopher "Marsha the Fox" Abadeer the Fourth
Vital statistics
Position Freedom Fighter
Age 14 (1000+)
Status Dating Tails
Physical attributes
Height 95 cm
Weight Unknown
Marsha Sketch

Marsha the Fox (real name: Princess Marshalia Christoper Abadeer the Fourth) is a teenage demon-vampire hybrid living on Mobius as a Mobian fox The latest in the long line of the Royal Abadeer, Marsha had found a different meaning in life: to be a hero and protect other from her dark heritage. She first saw Sonic as a little girl who played all the games, watched all of the TV shows and read all the comics. She met him in person while fighting Creepypastas. She also finally met her childhood crush, Tails, and left for Mobius for him. After three years of being a Freedom Fighter, she was nearly married, but she was saved by Tails, who revealed his love for her.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

In the prime universe, she was the last born to Rose and Hunson Abadeer, which made Marceline her big sister. Seperated from her mother and sister, she was taken in by her father and raised as a princess.

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