Anastasia "Marsha" Vixi
Vital statistics
Position Freedom Fighter
Age 16+
Status Single
Physical attributes
Height 3' 4
Weight Unknown
 Anastasia Vixi, more commonly known as "Marsha" is a member of the Freedom Fighters and an protagonist of the Mario & Sonic AU.

Early Life Edit

Anastasia was born in a small village in Eurish before Dr. Eggman secretly invaded her village when she was 3. Her father died with the resistance while her mother separated her and her two siblings before her mother went into hiding herself. Marsha was found in Royal Hills Zone on Westside Island with no memory of where she came from, where her parents were or even what her name was. She was taken under Rosie Woodchuck's care and was named "Marsha" after a previous Acorn Queen.

When she was 6, Dr. Eggman betrayed King Acorn and she was among many who fled to Knothole Village. Marsha was picked on for her fur color and thick accent. She masked her accent but the bullying didn't end. Her first friends was an Echidna named "Julie-Su" who stuck up for her. Marsha eventually became friends with who would become the Freedom Fighters under Sally Acorn's leadership. Marsha learned to fight and partly became her friend's caretaker.

Appearance Edit

Marsha is a female Mobian fox with black fur, a color rare among foxes in general, and light gray fur for her muzzle, inside her ears, on the tip of her tail and her stomach, a trait that was a result from the Great War. Like all female foxes, she has a hedgehog-like muzzle. Her "hair" is seperated into two in the front for her dark brown eyes with a ponytail in the back tied by a pink bow. She wears a light pink jacket with a white t-shirt underneath. Over her waist is a black belt with a pink buckle and she wears a black skirt. She wears pink boots with white toes and buckles.

Personality Edit

Marsha is a committed member to the Freedom Fighters with strong morals. Marsha is sometimes withdrawn and shy towards others she doesn't know well due to her past with bullying, but Marsha isn't afraid to speak her mind when she feels something's wrong and will not tolerate bullying towards anyone. Marsha is kind, caring and loving towards her close friends and cares for their safety and happiness well over her own. When push comes to shove, she has a knack for leadership and can hold a team together, evident in Team Vixi.

While very patient, Marsha has a violent temper when pushed past her limit. She can remain calm in battle, unless the battle involves the Dark Princess. Then her rage comes out easier.

Marsha has a strong sense of justice and can be very courageous and a willing martyr. When it's the only other option, she'll willingly put herself in harm's way.

Marsha is intelligent and very cunning. She has a love for history and is very knowledgeable in Mobian history.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Physical Ablilities Edit

Due to genetics and the genetic experiments done during the Great War, Marsha's own strength and skill has been enhanced.

  • Enhanced strength: Marsha seems to posses strength beyond the average fox, able to damage badniks twice her size. She also has been known to give Rotor a run for his money in armwrestling.
  • Enhanced Agility: Marsha is also extremely agile, as shown in her superiority in gymnastics.
  • Enhanced Speed: While not as fast as Sonic or Shadow, Marsha is still quite fast.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Marsha can react to events around her as it happens.
  • Enhanced Durability: Marsha can take damage from even one of Dr. Eggman's battle suits and still keep going. She also has a high tolerance for pain.
  • Controntonist: Because of her body type, Marsha can twist her body with ease so she can get into tight spaces.
  • Spin Attack: Like other Sonic characters, she has a spin attack of her own, but instead of curling up into a ball, she spins like a mini-tornado.

Combat Ability Edit

From training to be a Freedom Fighter, Marsha is rather advanced in hand-to-hand combat and use of machinery with ease.

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