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  • Marshalia13
    1. Who's the cuddler? Both. Tails is more open to it, escpecially in his sleep. Marsha secretly likes to be cuddled and held, but she's so used to taking care of her friends that she doesn't feel she needs this kind of feeling of security.
    2. Who makes the bed? Marsha.
    3. Who wakes up first? Marsha. Sometimes she doesn't sleep as much as Tails.
    4. Who has the weird taste in music? Tails. He likes listening to different types of music while in his workshop
    5. Who is more protective? Marsha.
    6. Who sings in the shower? Marsha often times sings in the shower.
    7. Who cries during movies? Both. They both are trying to be brave and most times can't hold back the tears.
    8. Who spends the most while out shopping? Marsha. She doesn't like shopping for herself that much but she st…
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